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November 1998

We conducted a blind taste test of five different waters. Each student ranked the five waters from Best Taste to Worst Taste. Most students predicted that Calistoga water or Distilled water would be the favorite and that tap water from our room would be the least favorite. Here is a summary of our results.

Waters Arranged by Number of Votes for Best Taste

Best RatingsWaterFrom WhereHard or Soft
7 Calistoga Calistoga, California Soft
7 Evian Cachat Springs, Evian, France Hard
5 Palo Alto Tap Water Hetch Hetchy (Yosemite) and Palo Alto Wells Soft
4 Opal Oregon Soft
0 Distilled Water Arrowhead Soft

We were surprised that all of us really disliked the taste of Distilled water. Two waters tied for first place; one was soft and one was hard so we don't think that the hardness or softness of water made a difference.


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