Santa Fe Trip
Winter Solstice 2004
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Snowy Wall

Crisp desert snow sparkles on our wall.

Snowy Rock

Our pet rock covered with a blanket of snow on its usual bench.

Mail Box

Hopeful mailbox waiting patiently in the pristine morning snow.

Snowy Chamisa

Chamisa bush weighed down with fresh snow.

Red Chair

This shiny red chair was waiting in a corridor out of the snow.

Painted Horse

This rocking horse was sitting on the porch of an antique shop in the snow.

Pecos Church

Both the original church finished in the early 1600s and the later church rebuilt in the early 1700s can be seen in the ruins of the mission complex at Pecos.

Pecos Wall

The convento wall at Pecos with modern reinforcement.
Pecos      Pecos Wall

Pecos Arrow

The directional arrows through the mission complex were at times puzzling.


Stan and Emily on top of the world at Pecos.
Pecos Arrow      Pecos

Pecos Passageway

The views through the passageways in the mission complex are amazing.

Pecos Passageway

Emily captures the valley from a balcony in the mission complex.
Pecos      Pecos

Pecos Gate

We drove through the town of Pecos looking for a restaurant, passing this gate on the way. There wasn’t anything open, so we back-tracked to take a picture of this nifty gatepost.

Pecos Mud

When Emily tried to turn around, she discovered the true meaning of the “Soft Shoulder” signs. Luckily a car with two helpful guys help us push the PT Cruiser back on the road with nothing worse than muddy boots and tires.
Pecos      Tire

Red Candles

Candles in the Chapel of La Conquistadora in the San Francisco Church in Santa Fe.

Red Chicken

Carved wooden chicken in the Wind River Trading Post.
Candle      Chicken

Sharing Pictures

Jeanne, Deb, Dan, David, Lynn, and Emily watch a slideshow on Stan’s iBook in the bright morning light.


Deb and Janie relax in the sunset glow after a busy afternoon walking around downtown Santa Fe.
Max      Deb & Janie

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