Santa Fe Trip
Winter Solstice 2003
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The Galaxy Diner

As usual, a stop at the Galaxy Diner in Flagstaff is one of the highlights of the drive east.

The Galaxy

I am transfixed by the lights of The Galaxy after eleven hours on the road.

Galaxy Star

The Galaxy Diner may have had this ceiling with blue neon stars for years, but this is the first time we noticed it.

Artesanos Band

It would be a pity to break up the tin band for sale at Artesanos.


There wasn’t much snow in town, but the sunsets were beautiful behind our adobe wall.

Stan in the Sunset

Stan soaks up a bit of the sunset on the front porch.

Me in the Sunset

Here I am taking a picture of Stan taking a picture of me taking a picture of …

Door at Paul’s

This is the lower half of the door to Paul’s restaurant at 72 West Marcy.

Aspen in the Snow

There was plenty of snow in the mountains, perfect for snowshoing at Big Tesuque.

Aspens at Big Tesuque

Though sometimes it was more like a jungle than a forest.

Aspen Eye

It was probably an after-effect of our Eygptian-style Solstice card, but the old aspen limb scars really looked like eyes!

Winged Uraeus

This winged cobra design was adapted from an illustration in a book on Egyptian art we stumbled across while searching for the Hippopotamus goddess.

Calling Emily

We couldn’t resist calling Emily from 10,000 feet with our new cell phone.


We’ve probably photographed these aspens many times, but we think you can maybe see Pedernal on the horizon in this view.

Sage Bread

If anyone ahead of you in line is ordering coffee, you have plenty of time to watch the bakers loading and unloading the oven in Sage Bakery.

Bug Doors

We had to buy a new saw to go with the new saw blade and borrow some fancy edge trimming thingies from Lynn, but two of the closet doors are finally hung in place!

San Francisco Street Bar & Grill

We have been missing our favorite spot for a pint of local beer ever since they closed a few years ago and were overjoyed to see the familiar sign hanging again.

Santa Fe Pale Ale

The inside is even nicer than the old place, and Santa Fe Pale Ale is back on tap!

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