Santa Fe Trip
Winter Solstice 2002

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Artesanos Window

The window display at Artesanos is spectacular this year. They used my favorite colors—lavender, shades of blue, and silver.

Chair on Don Gaspar

This chair on Don Gaspar looked lonely, cold, and neglected.
Window      Snow Chair


Our cactus, Spike, is sleeping snugly under a blanket of snow.


The red rocks in the garden are the perfect contrast for the brilliant snow.
Spike      Rocks

Fence Skull

For some mysterious reason there is now a skull hanging on the inside of our front gate. It looks like maybe a deerish sort of animal.

Blue Paint

The peeling blue paint on this window sill is quite picturesque, especially since it’s not our wood rotting away underneath.
Skull      Blue Paint

Armadillo Corner

Emily gave Stan this wonderful armadillo which looks right at home in the corner by his chair.


We have absolutely no idea what the designs on our new red chest mean, but I love seeing these eyes as I walk down the hall.
Armadillo      Eyes

Farolito in the Snow

Farolitos aren’t too impressive in the light of day, but this one does a good job posing against the fresh snow.

Farolito at Night

The snow on the wall was melted by dark, but a lit farolito doesn’t need any help.
Farolito      Farolito

Red Berry Things

These bright red berries on this unidentified tree made a nice show against the snow.

Little Furry Weeds

After walking by many many of these friendly little weeds, I finally succumbed and took their picture.
Berries      Weeds

The Shoppers

The weary shoppers take a rest and work on their dance poses.

The Photographer

Stan points out Emily demonstrating the proper way to use a digital camera.
Shopping      Photographer

The Novice Snowshoer

After my dismal performance last year as a downhill skier, we decided to try a new winter sport this year. Notice the proper showshoeing supplies: poles, mitts, temperature clock, water, coat, and hat guaranteeing rescue from under an avalanche.

The Snacker

Stan poses with another vital supply—high energy snacks like salami.
Snowshoes      Snowshoes

The Snowshoes

And of course the most important item—the snowshoes. Here is Stan demonstrating how you should not stand on the tail of your other shoe unless you are ready for a refreshing tumble face forward into the snow.

Emily Breaks Trail

Emily loved breaking trail and was usually too far ahead of us to capture on digital film.
Snowshoes      Emily

The Navigator

Stan and his trusty compass were in charge of making sure we didn’t get lost.

Holding Up the Tree

I could always be counted on to give support to any trees in need.
Stan      Tree

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