Santa Fe Trip
Winter 2001

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Sunport Walkway

For some reason the airport in Albuquerque is called the Sunport. The roofs in many of the walkways have skylights to let in that New Mexico sun.

Albuquerque Overpass

We’ve lost all hope that the freeway system through Albuquerque will ever be finished and simply enjoy admiring the many overpasses that may connect to something someday.
Sunport      Freeway

Stanley Cemetery

Stan is tempted to make an offer on the entire town of Stanley, especially after finding this gorgeous cemetery.

Zippy the Hearse?

Stan is due to retire very soon and will need something to keep him busy. The PT Cruiser might make an elegant hearse!
Cemetery      Zippy

Standard Market

This market is a bit pricy, but the building is wonderful. The high ceiling and tall windows make for a great open feeling unusual in a market.

Stan and Emily

These two are really excited about seeing the “Places of Their Own” exhibition featuring Emily Carr, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Frida Kahlo. Or maybe just thrilled that I have finally stopped taking pictures of the outside of the building.
Market      Museum


This tiny restaurant still managed to have room for three Virgin of Guadalupe icons.


Having just polished off a tamal with verde sauce, Emily is ready to head back out into the winter sun.
Guadalupes      Emily


I admired this decorated cactus for days, but the snow made it worth a special trip to photograph.

Inks Watching the Snow

Snug on the kitchen window sill, these ink bottles admire the snow falling on the patio.
Cactus      Inks

Tree and Pole

Fresh snow balanced in the branch crotches of a bare bush between a pine trunk and a telephone pole.

Coyote Fence and Wall

More fresh snow on coyote fence and wall—all grey, brown and white.
Tree      Wall

Brick Wall

Red brick wall in front of reddish bush.

Sun Sculpture

Iron sculpture at Whole Foods Market.
Bricks      Sun

Locked Gate

More fresh snow balanced on this sign on a brilliant blue gate.

El Comedor Tree

White snow on white birch trunk in front of El Comedor, serving New Mexican food.
Locked      El Comedor


Santa Fe style security—official “No Parking” hoods over all of the parking spaces in front of the United States Courthouse.


Of course pedestrians can still gather and conspire on the sidewalk…
No Parking      Courthouse

Misty Trees

The Pecos Wilderness near the Santa Fe Ski Area can get quite spooky on a misty snowy day.

Wood Elf

If you are lucky you might run across a wood elf…
Trees      Elf

Stan Deer

Or spot a rare StanDeer…

Wood Troll

But beware of the demented Wood Troll!
StanDeer      Troll

Santa Fe Ski Area

The Santa Fe Ski Area is an entirely different place in the winter—bustling and exciting. So we decided to try skiing for the very first ever time (except for Emily who cross country skis).

Not a Picture of Me Skiing

Emily was quite good at downhill, Stan only fell down a couple of times, but I must admit I was pathetic as well as terrified on the chair lift. Skiing may have to be added to the list of Things I Am Not Allowed to Do.
Skiing      Ski Bear

Lamy Train Station

The tiny Lamy Train Station is in the middle of nowhere, but the 2:03 to Chicago was exactly on time.


And in just 24 hours Emily will be back in Chicago.
Lamy      Train
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