Santa Fe Trip
Winter Solstice 2000

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Visual Arts Center

When it started to snow we couldn't resist exploring in our new PT Cruiser and found this wonderful group of red buildings at the College of Santa Fe.

Red Window

This window in the red wall is at the back of the Visual Arts Center.
Zippy      Arts

Three Things

At the College of Santa Fe which are probably angels.


The Arts Center courtyard looking surreal in the snow.
Things      Arts

Blue Doorway

The red walls were striking against the dead white sky behind glowing weeds in the snow. We will return to investigate the blue doorway.


My newest impulse buy which fits so perfectly in the corner by my desk and gives me another outlet for my pyromaniac tendencies.
Arts      Bug


We followed the trail of Billy the Kid and were lucky to have Lincoln almost to ourselves. Everything inside the museum at the old Lincoln County Courthouse seemed to glow with a strange blue light.

Billy the Kid

Life-sized enlargement of a tiny Daguerreotype of Billy the Kid in the museum. Since Daguerreotypes are reversed (like negatives) Billy was mistakenly dubbed "The Left-Handed Gun." (The Daguerre website explains how Daguerreotypes were made.)
Stove      Billy

Uranium Cafe

Not the place for a snack if you are in a hurry, but an interesting stop full of old uranium miners on Route 66 in Grants, New Mexico.

Grants Railroad Bridge

The cat tails have taken over this riverbed right outside the Uranium cafe.
Uranium Cafe      Bridge

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