Santa Fe Trip
Summer 1999

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Galaxy Diner

We chose our motel in Flagstaff, Arizona because it was across Route 66 from this wonderful diner.


The Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff was closed when we arrived at sunset, but we did find this goat sculpture by Em Reynoldo.
Galaxy      Goat

Window Scene

This is somewhere between St. Johns and Springerville, Arizona. The unexpected green was refreshing.

Very Large Array

Stan didn't warn me that the VLA was on our route, so I was surprised to see them marching across the desert.
Scene      VLA

Magdalena Station



To get to the Lightning Field (where you are not allowed to take pictures) the directions are to meet the guide at the white two story building at the far end of town. Since we didn't have an address we worried that it would be hard to find. It wasn't.
Magdalena      Quemada

Patio Chairs

One of the first things we did was to buy some patio chairs, which are beckoning from behind the blinds.

Patio at Sunset

Even at sunset the patio is a beautiful place to do nothing at all.
Patio      Patio

Santa Fe Opera

Where you are also not allowed to take pictures.


We went a bit crazy buying lamps.
Opera      Lamps


We rescued Spike from certain death and he now lives on our patio.

Doug & Akira's Lamp

To complete our collection.
Spike      Lamp


We hate to admit it, but Jackalope's is our favorite place to shop for furniture and lamps. Here I am carting off a great little Chinese table.

Front Door

We painted our front door to match the trim on the patio and the teal streak in my hair.
Table      Door
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