Santa Fe Trip
Spring 2002

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Purple Tree

The first thing we noticed was the bright purple blossoms on our two-dimensional tree.

Chamisa & Purple Tree

The purple blossoms made a great background for the pale new chamisa shoots.
Purple      Chamisa

Purple Tree Again

The purple tree looks pretty good against the patio, too.


Our neighbor’s forsythia glows in the late afternoon light.
Patio      Forsythia

The Roof

Stan loves being up high and convinces me that it really isn’t that tall up there.


But I am much more comfortable at ground level and the ladder to the roof looks awfully scary.
Roof      Ladder

Strange Things

The roof is very flat, and there are all sorts of strange things poking their heads up.

Jemez Mountains

Stan says the Jemez Mountains are right over there, but I’m starting to get nervous thinking about going back down the ladder.
Things      Jemez

Front Yard

The front yard and gate look very tiny.


And the patio seems a long way down!
Front      Patio


We bought the doors to replace the cracked mirror closet doors last summer and I painted the doors white. We bought these paints last December, but I didn’t get any further than sketching the first design. You can probably guess which paints I picked and which Stan chose!

Curly Bugs

I started with an easy design—the interwoven bugs I’ve been using as pottery designs for years. The original Mimbres bowl design is black and white and pale tan, but I went with black and teal and purple.
Paints      Painting

Super Bug

For the second design we picked a crazy bug scorpion thing that ended up looking more like Super Bug than anything else.

Sabrina Helps

Sabrina the cat from next door insisted on inspecting every step of the operation. Here she approves the orange paint for the belly stripes.
SuperBug      Painting

Curly Bugs Door

Here is the finished Curly Bugs door design. The purple isn’t as dark in real life as it is in this picture.

Super Bug Door

Here is the finished Super Bug door design. Stan says it will give our guests nightmares.
Curly Bugs      SuperBug

Mail Box

We’ve been here long enough to know that most everything is held together with bailing wire, so Stan had no problem fixing the fence and the mailbox when the neighbor’s dog knocked them down.

Hand Wall

Stan is still searching for the right thing to keep him busy when he retires, but I don’t think that street bum is it, even while lounging in front of our favorite wall.
Mailbox      Stan


Here is a window, which for some reason is built into the wall.

Virgin of Guadalupe Wall

We’ve wanted to take a picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe section of the wall for years, and someone finally pruned the bushes at her feet so the entire portrait is visible.
Window      Guadalupe

Virgin of Guadalupe Wall

Here I am next to the Virgin of Guadalupe just so you can see how big the painting is.

Building with Red Lamps

It was the red curvy lamps that attracted me to this building, but I ended up liking the whole building picture better than the close up of the lights.
Guadalupe      Building

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