Santa Fe Trip
Spring 2001

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Apricot Tree

The apricot tree is in full bloom and spring is in the air except when the wind is howling.


We have decided to repaint a wall (or several) and would like to get the same color brown our house is now except that upon close inspection it isn't exactly clear precisely what color our house really is and the paint stores have far too many shades of brown to choose from.
Apricot      Wall

Old Wall

Here is the old wall in front of our house. The paint is pretty streaky and cracked. After countless hours examining paint chips we finally picked a brown called Taos.

New Wall

Painting the wall was a lot more work than we expected, and the new color doesn't quite match the house, but we've decided we like it anyway.
Old Wall      New Wall


The lateral nave stained glass windows in the Santa Fe Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi were made in Clermont-Ferrand, France and installed in 1884. My favorite part is this signature block.

Bus Stop

This bus stop from outer space has appeared on Cerrillos Road. So far there is only one...
Clermont      Bus Stop

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