Santa Fe Trip
Spring 2000

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Hand Wall

This is my new favorite wall since someone has desecrated the Blue Door Wall with horrid Earth Day graffiti.

Farmer's Market

I'm not sure if the wall around this door is being constructed or deconstructed, but I like it.
Hand      Market

Colored Glass Window

I don't know what is inside this building, but love the window and the mysterious arrow on the wall.

Oñate Monument

The colors on the back of the Oñate Monument are perfect down to the paint on the trash can.
window      Onate

Oñate Monument

There is an ornate walkway behind the Oñate Monument that doesn't really go anywhere.

Oñate Monument

But the view of the mountains from the end of the walkway is worth the walk.
Onate      Onate

Glass Bricks

View of the side yard through the glass bricks in the shower.

Patio Shed Window

I was actually trying to take the coyote fence through the shed but the reflections came out better.
Glass      Patio


We were thrilled when the lilac bushes I had hacked away at in December finally bloomed.

Zia Diner

The neon sign at sunset in front of our favorite diner in Santa Fe.
Lilacs      Zia
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