Santa Fe Trip
Winter Solstice 1999

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Tehachapi Pass

The windmills at Tehachapi Pass are amazing.

Winslow, Arizona

Standing on the corner, of course. But no flat bed Fords in sight.
Tehachapi      Winslow


I love the way the snow brings out the curves of the roof lines, especially on the pinkish adobe.


It looks pretty good on our brown adobe wall, too.
Pink      Wall


Stan and Emily, having spent their formative years with snow, find my fascination with it endlessly amusing.

Embudo Station Bridge

Here is the Rio Grande flowing under the Embudo Station Bridge, which is decorated with farolitos.
Laughing      Embudo

Ranchos de Taos Church

Here is the back of the amazing church at Ranchos de Taos.

Ranchos de Taos Church

Stan and I took so many pictures of the church it's hard to remember who took what, but for sure he took this one of me taking my favorite angle.
Ranchos de Taos      Ranchos de Taos

Ranchos de Taos Church

This is probably the shot I was taking.

Ranchos de Taos Church

Here is the front of Ranchos de Taos Church.
Ranchos de Taos      Ranchos de Taos

Red Wall

Across the street from the Ranchos de Taos Church is this wonderful red wall.


In the parking lot in front of the Ranchos de Taos Church is this store with traditional paper bag farolitos.
Red Wall      Store

Snow Stone

I'm not sure exactly what (or where) this is.


One of these days we are just going to buy this Headquarters and set up one.
Stone      Headquarters

Robot Man

Heading out across the moonscape. (Actually one of our internal adobe walls.)


Emily and I learned to play Pokéman. She was helpless against my secret weapon: Psyduck.
RobotMan      Pokeman


To make farolitos you need paper sacks, sand, and candles. They aren't very impressive in this state.


On our front wall at twilight with the distinctive smell of singed hair in the air. (I learned not to lean over the sack while lighting the candles.)
Farolitos      Farolitos
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